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Privacy Policy is applicable to the readers, users, and subscribers while using the BOTANYTODAY.COM.

  1. The words “we” or “us” are used for Staff, Webmaster, Team, Authors, Editors, and Developers of the BOTANYTODAY.COM website.
  2. The “service” or “our service” means the informational service provided on the BOTANYTODAY.COM Website.
  3. The word “website” or “our website” is used for and its sub-domains available online.

The users are recommended to kindly read the Privacy policies very carefully before using the website. The policy can be read any time whenever it is questionable to operate. It is a prior agreement for the users to agree with the privacy policy and then use the site.

By using the website, you accept and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree to any of conditions or policy, please do not use the website or you are not authorized to access the information provided by us.

The stated Privacy policy is expressly available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old. Our website reserves the rights to share your personal information if we are obliged by law and enable us to apply the privacy policy and other agreements.

Our website knows to take care of your personal information and also know your dependency on our website for information. Kindly read the privacy policy and learn more about the same.

Note: We can change Privacy Policy whenever we feel the need of change without any prior notice to the readers, users, subscribers etc. It will be your liability to check, read and adhere to the new Privacy Policy.

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect information right from the time when you visit our site. We collect the following information.

  1. Our servers may also collect information like your IP address (Internet Protocol) to identify any fraud by the users.
  2. The server of our website also may collect information like in what place you are using the internet, your company or university and also your operating system.
  3. When you contact us, fill any form on the website, register for newsletters or updates, we collect name, email ID, your interests about topics.
  4. We can also collect information about your demography, address, gender, and IP address.
  5. We can also collect information about your device, its operating system, screen size, and internet service provider.
  6. We and our third party partners can gather information passively while you are using our website through cookies, beacons, log files, pixels, IP address and other technologies. We and third party partners can also gather information how you use our website, how much time you spend on the site, and your activities on our website. We can use this information for delivering relevant advertisements to you and improving our website performance.

Use of Your Information

We can use your information submitted on the website or gather passively while your use of our website in the following ways:

  1. To improve the services provided to you by our website.
  2. To allow us to bestow better services while you are responding to our customer service requests.
  3. To administer the information provided to you and other such features by the website.
  4. To send periodic emails and newsletters if you have opted subscription. Emailing to you pertains to the relevant upcoming information or services by the website for creating awareness.
  5. To analysis traffic, page views, sessions, duration on site, and all other user activities on our website.
  6. To improve the performance of our website.
  7. To deliver the relevant

We can use your name, email ID and other contact details for answering your queries.

Our website admin and operators can also use information for improving user experience, website content, and website performance. We can also analyze user data, traffic, sessions, page views, and other things collected by Google Analytics.

How Do We Protect Visitor’s Information?

Our website does not use any vulnerability scanning and/or scanning to PCI standards. Your personal information is secured with us and is strictly required to keep user’s information confidential.

Disclosure of Information

We may share the collected information with third parties if required under legal circumstances or approved by you. There may be occasions where we are legally bound to provide or the access our database to cooperate with legal proceedings.

The information collected from visitors, readers, users, or subscribers is strictly confidential.

We never disclose your information to any third party except above reasons.

Cookies Policy

We use cookies. The use of cookies is essential to store a small amount data on your computer, which helps us to know about your browser and remember specific information about your past visits. These are also used to understand your preferences based on your past visits or previous activities on our website. The ultimate goal of cookies is to improve our services.

We also use cookies to aggregate data about the site trafficking and site interaction, which further helps us to offer better site experience and tool in future.

You can always have your own opinion on enabling cookies from the site by changing your browser settings. If you disable cookies, some of the features will be disabled though you can make your experience more efficient while some of the functions will not work properly.

Children & Adults

We do not specifically market to children below 13 years of age. However, if any information is for Children under 13, the law puts parents in control of such information and we are likely to follow the rule bestowed upon.

Contacting Us

You can always rely on us through email. Any questions regarding our service, information or any abusive content you may contact us through email via CONTACT PAGE.

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