DMCA Notification

According to our policy, we respond to alleged infringement notification. This DMCA notice response describes the information that must be present in the alleged infringement notification.

We always respect the intellectual property rights and copyrights of others. We may remove the content appeared on the website that infringes the copyright or intellectual property rights of others.

We may also remove the reference links used in our content if they contain some material or content that infringes the copyright.

We have tried very hard to create and develop our own unique content for the BOTANYTODAY.COM website. However, human errors may be possible. Therefore, we provide the information how the original owner of any material appeared on the website can request the removal or credit.

We can also terminate the users, authors, and contributors who involve in the copyright infringement.

Information we require in DMCA Notice

If you do believe any of your work or part of your work or content is appeared on any page of the website that likely to infringe your copyright. You may request removal of your work or content from the pages using following information.

  1. Provide us Identification of the copyrighted work for which you are filing DMCA notice with us.
  2. Please describe the work and content. Tell us where it was first published. Send us a link or scan copy of the documents of an authorized version of the work.
  3. Please provide us the link of page or links of pages of BOTANYTODAY.COM where you believe your work appears.
  4. Provide us any additional information to locate the material on BOTANYTODAY.COM as well as on other locations of the web where your work is published in your name.
  5. Include your name, email ID, telephone number and address in the infringement notice.
  6. Provide a statement that you have a good faith belief that copyright holder did not authorize the use of the material on the BOTANYTODAY.COM.
  7. Include your signature. The signature can be an electronic

How to file DMCA Claim

Send us email including all above information at: – support @

Time Required Removing Content

Please give us 5 working days to process your DMCA notification and removing your copyright material from the website.

Other Requirements

We can also request additional information about the copyright claim made to us if we feel your provided information is not sufficient for removal of the material published on the BOTANYTODAY.COM.

You will be responsible for providing the accurate information to BOTANYTODAY.COM Support Team.

You can also contact the webmaster through the contact us page.

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