Botany Basics

What is Botany? (Definition of Botany and Its understanding)

Botany is a science of plants that helps us to understand the life of plants including their structure, functions and influencing factors. It classifies plant species on basis of their similarities under a scientific system of taxonomic hierarchy.

Botany Definition

“Botany is the branch of biology dealing with plant anatomy (structure) and plant physiology (functions) including environmental factors that affect their growth and development.”

Thus, Botany includes mainly three things:

  1. Plant Anatomy: Structures of Plants
  2. Plant Physiology: Functions of Plants
  3. Factors affecting plant growth and development: environmental factors

Short Definitions of Botany

  • Botany is a branch of Biology dealing with plant life.
  • Botany is a scientific study of plants.

Synonyms of Botany

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